This year, we’ve been collecting stories and photos about the amazing sights and sounds you’ve experienced on Phillippi Creek. Here are some photos and stories from your Phillippi Creek friends and neighbors.

“I was fishing from the Phillippi Creek park dock near US 41 and met two gentleman fishing for crabs. We struck up a conversation, and they were quick to teach me some of the basics of crab fishing in the creek and shared that this was their favorite spot to enjoy it. I guess you could say the creek was responsible for bringing strangers together to enjoy each others company for a short while.”

– Don DiMuzio

Anhinga on Island

Photo Credit: Ronda Ryan

“Today my wife sent me a picture of an anhinga standing on a stick at Red Bug Slough Preserve. A couple of weeks ago I added these branches to a log island I have been building over the last few months. The logs are now just below the surface. When the logs were above the water they were popular with turtles. The sticks are very popular with birds though. Now people hang out and watch the birds perched on this ‘island’.” – John Ryan, Sarasota County

“I love fishing for sheepshead, snook, and snapper”
  – Lauren Brook

Manatee Escort Herd

Photo Credit: Mote Marine Laboratory Manatee Research Program

“I spotted an escort herd from the air and directed our boat crew to the sighting. An escort herd is a group of male manatees following a female in estrous. When they are actively observed mating we use the term mating herd. This particular group seemed to be in resting mode when the boat was there. Many of the animals photographed that day are animals that have previously been cataloged in our manatee photo-identification database. Ellie, the focal female of the group, was first documented in 1993 by Mote Marine Lab as a calf with her mother. Also in the photos are Jemp- who is a Save the Manatee Club adoptable animal, Jeni, first documented in 1993, and Vogue, an escort herd regular, first documented in 1996. There were a total of 14 animals in that sighting that day, all but three previously documented animals.” – Kerri Scolardi, Mote Marine Laboratory 

Photo Credit: Mote Marine Laboratory Manatee Research Program

“I have lived here almost thirty years and seen major changes. I love the wonderful wildlife along the creek. I’ll never tire of the beauty.”

– Patricia Whitman

Fish Camps

“The remains of an old fish camp are still on the Creek off of Brookside Drive. One of the first doctors in Sarasota built a house on Windemere Place that had one of the first swimming pools in Sarasota. It is unused but remains (or it did) as more of a pond.” – Marian Pomeroy

Google map of fish camp near Phillippi Creek

“I love all the nooks and crannies along the creek. It makes for a fun day exploring. Paddling on the creeks  and through the mangroves is my preferred place to paddle.”

– Rebecca Brey