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Protect and enjoy our creek: Are you in?

Join the Phillippi Creek Revival  Phillippi Creek is Sarasota Bay’s largest freshwater creek. It flows from humble headwaters at Sarasota’s renowned birding hotspot, the Celery Fields, meandering through reflective moments of old Florida, past sleepy suburban backyards, under frenetic commercial… read more

Plant A Tree, The Creek Will Thank You Everyone enjoys the cool shade tree of big trees on hot Florida days, but did you know trees significantly benefit Phillippi Creek by reducing stormwater runoff and flooding? Stormwater runoff is rain that does not soak into the ground or get absorbed by trees and… read more

Spread Fun, Not Fertilizer This Summer Phillippi Creek flows through the heart of our Southgate Community, and is our most important environmental asset.  Flowing from humble headwaters near the Celery Fields — Sarasota’s renowned birding hotspot— Phillippi Creek connects our Southgate neighborhoods to the… read more

Design Your Yard With Nature Does you home landscape work with natural Florida?  Our seasons are defined by long periods of draught followed by periods of frequent heavy downpours.  Conventional landscape designs encourage flow of rainwater offsite as quickly as possible, then require expensive irrigation. On the other hand … read more