Come celebrate National Estuaries Week with a paddle cleanup of Phillippi Creek! 

Join the Science and Environment Council and Sarasota County in a free paddle cleanup of Phillippi Creek to support National Estuaries Week. Kayaks, cleanup equipment, and lunch will be provided for all volunteers who register. We have a limited number of kayaks, so feel free to bring your own!


Saturday, September 21, 2019

Southgate Community Center

 3145 Southgate Cir., Sarasota

9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

Did You Know?

  • Estuaries are places where freshwater and saltwater mix.
  • Estuaries are among the most productive ecosystems in the world.
  • Phillippi Creek flows into Sarasota Bay, an estuary that supports over 1,400 different kinds of plants, birds, fish, and wildlife.
  • Estuaries reduce greenhouse gases, protect us from storms, filter our rainwater, and stabilize our shorelines. 
  • National Estuaries Week (Sept 14 – 21) happens every year to celebrate all of the environmental, economic, and recreational benefits our coasts and estuaries provide.

Explore Your Local Waterway By Kayak

Phillippi Creek is Sarasota Bay’s largest freshwater creek. It flows from humble headwaters at Sarasota’s renowned birding hotspot, the Celery Fields, meandering through reflective moments of old Florida, past sleepy suburban backyards, under frenetic commercial corridors to peaceful mangrove stands and oyster beds — where it finally rolls into Roberts Bay and the Gulf of Mexico.

Phillippi is a tidal creek, meaning its waters rise and fall with the tide, providing a dynamic mix of habitats for many of our area’s iconic fish and wildlife. As you’re cleaning and paddling, keep an eye out for manatees, snook, mullet, and a variety of other fish and birds that call this creek home.

Manatee eating in Phillippi Creek. Credit: Liz Sanburg

Roseate Spoonbill in Phillippi Creek. Credit: Cathy Houk

More Ways To Explore Phillippi Creek

Can’t make the cleanup this time around? Check out these other ways to discover Phillippi Creek: